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As anyone who has read this blog knows, both myself and my wife have been heavily engaged in fitness and nutrition for well over 20 years. We’ve both worked as personal trainers and nutritional consultants and both make fitness and healthy living a regular part of our everyday lives.

And if you’ve read my Author Bio page, then you also know that we once ran an ecommerce business for a number of years before having to close it down during the last economic downturn. That was a sad day and we’ve spent years thinking about going back into business for ourselves.

Finally, that time is now!

Our long-term goal is to build a fitness company that provides premium-quality home-use products as well as an assortment of educational materials to teach novices to train themselves, eat healthy and generally maintain the type of lifestyle we take for granted.

After several months of research and setup, we’ve launched our first product, a heavy-duty resistance band set that we call our “Gym in a Bag”. This has been heavily customized and is a standout product in the industry. Most products like this are of such poor quality that they qualify more as toys – and believe me, we’ve spent several hundred dollars on product samples from manufacturers that are atrocious and we see these same products all over Amazon.com and eBay.com.

To read more about our brand and our products, please visit us at www.Mind-Body-Fit.com and stay tuned for updates on our progress and development!

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