Caring Medical and Prolotherapy: A Review of Dr. Ross Hauser’s Prolo Practice

(originally published Dec. 28, 2008 –

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Upon entering the stately multi-story building located at 715 Lake Street in a trendy business district of Oak Park, IL, you might be expecting a posh marble and mahogany office suited more to a multi-partner law firm or a privileged group of wealthy patients seeking cosmetic surgery…but you’d be wrong.

Instead, you find an unpretentious and inviting healthcare practice not so unlike your family doctor’s office. You will also be delighted to find an outgoing and friendly group of people genuinely dedicated to your comfort and service. In fact, the atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming it might take you by surprise. A doctor’s office is never this comfortable – even the other patients are smiling and chatty!

If you’re among the millions suffering from chronic pain, however, you’re harder to please. You’ve seen it all before and you’ve probably just about given up hope. You’re all too familiar with disappointment and this might be just another clinic making grand promises. But fear not – you’re in the right place. You’ve arrived at Caring Medical.


If it’s your first visit, you’ll spend about two hours here getting to know the staff and the doctor. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at every turn and you’ll come away thinking, “This is how offices should be run!”

Your first stop is the receptionist. You’ll likely meet Audrey, who will immediately make you feel right at home, with a warm smile and a pleasant demeanor. She’s greeted thousands of patients, but she makes you feel like you’re the first. She’ll have you sign in and then explain what to expect.

You’ve only been here a minute or two, but you’re already thinking this was a good decision.

Next, you’ll meet with Doug, the Director of Operations, who will walk you through the general paperwork and explain all the in’s and out’s of the practice. He’ll also provide you with his contact information in case you have any questions or concerns. His outgoing personality and genuine concern serve to reinforce the warm, fuzzy feeling you got from Audrey.

After a short wait, you’re called by a nurse and escorted back to a treatment room. Strangely, you won’t be asked to wait half naked in a freezing room. In fact, the nurse sits you down, introduces herself (or himself), and immediately begins to take your history.

Once that’s through, Dr Hauser will be in to complete your history and explain the finer points of Prolotherapy. He and the nurse both put you at ease and 5-10 minutes later your first treatment is finished. You’re now on the road to a recovery you may never have thought possible.


Prolotherapy is the injection of an inert solution into a joint to cause inflammation which in turn activates the body to heal itself. While not widely known in mainstream medical circles, the therapy has been around for more than 50 years, helping tens of thousands of chronic pain sufferers to live pain-free lives by curing the underlying causes of their pain, succeeding even where surgery often fails.

The application of Prolotherapy is a series of injections within and around the respective injured area, sometimes in surprisingly high volume. The author of this article underwent an intensive treatment of his low back and sacroiliac regions. His treatment consisted of three sessions, each separated by one week. The results were surprising, to say the least.

Long story short, the author has finally found relief from his chronic back pain. He is now able to walk, stand, jog and lift weights without the nagging pain that’s been his constant companion for the past two years. And he gives the clinic and staff of Caring Medical his highest recommendation.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please see the website for Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services, S.C. (CMRS).



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