“Michael Morning is redefining the definition of Renaissance Man,” said Mark Fadiman, Chief Web Editor of The Free Market News Network.

This quote came from a December 2004 press release announcing my hiring as their eWire Health & Nutrition Correspondent. Mark said this because I’ve had a rather varied and colorful job history… to say the least.

I’m also proud to say that most everything I know and put to use in my career has been largely self-taught. As time goes by, I find that to be rather unique because most people just don’t take the time to self educate, which I find both odd and even a little disheartening at times.


After graduating cum laude with honors from Long Island University with a B.S. in Psychobiology, multiple martial arts black belts, and a fledgling martial arts school that paid way better than I’d see for many years, I promptly (and stupidly) skipped plans for a graduate degree and instead entered the commercial diving industry.

What a mistake that was.

After graduating from dive school and going to work as an oilfield diver/tender, I quickly realized this career path was not for me (you have no idea). Instead, I returned to health & fitness and martial arts practice with brief forays in everything from teaching high school science to bartending to retail management to business consulting and freelance writing.

After never quite finding a fulfilling path, I spent several years with my amazing wife, Amy, working in the private service industry for wealthy clients. Here I functioned in numerous roles, including: house manager, personal assistant, chauffeur, landscaper, child tutor, elderly companion and handyman.

Eventually, I left the rat race (finally) and became self-employed. After lots of ups and downs, I have returned to my roots as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant by founding the company Mind Body Fitness.

Beyond my many work efforts spawned from the need to pay bills, it has always been my dream to write fiction. At this point in my life I can absolutely dedicate myself to the craft and give voice to all these stories and characters demanding their day in the sun. Along with my new novel, I also have two completed sequels and plans for several more in the series (see my Books page for more information).

Finally, a little personal/professional info:

I hold multiple black belts and master-level training (though I hate the term “master”) in nearly a dozen martial arts of Korean, Japanese, Filipino and Indonesian origin with over 30 years combined experience.

In the health, fitness, and nutrition fields I have more than 20 years of experience as a certified fitness trainer and nutritional consultant, and almost a decade as a part-time freelance writer on those topics.

From 2004-2005 I served as the eWire Health & Nutrition Correspondent for The Free Market News Network, (which closed its doors, in case you Google them).

And last, but most importantly, I’ve been married to the greatest woman ever – Amy Farrow – since 1997 (dating since ’91…she wants full credit for time served).

Wanna know more? (remember, you asked for it)…

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